20 Shortcut Keys for Web Workers

Discussion in 'Web Development and Programming' started by Brandon, May 20, 2010.

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    Surfing the Web (with Firefox)

    CTRL+ENTER: This shortcut makes entering a URL quicker. You just type in wakeuplater, hit CTRL+ENTER, and the www. and .com will be filled in for you. Furthermore, SHIFT+ENTER will send you to the Wake Up Later: Freelance Blog + Passive Income and CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to Wake Up Later: Freelance Blog + Passive Income

    CTRL+CLICK: This opens the link you click in a new Tab (versus SHIFT+Click which opens the link in a new window). You can also open a link in a new tab with a middle mouse button click if you have one.

    CTRL+PGUP and CTRL+PGDN: These two shortcuts help you go through all the tabs you now have open.

    CTRL+W: Close a Tab.

    CTRL+T: Open a Tab.

    CTRL+F: Search for text in a webpage. You can also press "/" for a quick search version.

    F11: Toggle to fullscreen mode. I use this sometimes for viewing Flash sites or when trying to show a client a site without having my toolbars interfere.

    PGUP, PGDN, CTRL+HOME, CTRL+END: Honestly, I don't ever use my mouse to move a page around. I can use these four keys to move up, down, to the start, and to the end.

    CTRL+U: View the source, even when the page is not fully loaded.

    RIGHT CLICK: Not really a shortcut per se, but there are a huge number of options for just about anything you right-click on a page. Explore all the options sometime.

    Text Manipulation

    CTRL+ARROW KEYS: This is the ultimate text editing shortcut in my opinion. Normally when you use the arrow keys, you move one character at a time. Using CTRL+Arrow Keys lets you jump one word at a time. Combine this with SHIFT (CTRL+SHIFT+Arrow Keys) and you can edit a line/paragraph much quicker than you could by using a mouse.

    CTRL+A: The shortcut for selecting all the text. Combined with CTRL+C and CTRL+V, you can move large chunks pretty quickly.

    ALT+MOUSE DRAG: In many robust text editors, holding ALT while you mouse-highlight text lets you highlight text in a block fashion. So if you have text in columns, you can highlight just one of the columns for copying/cutting. Also great for getting rid of a column of unnecessary tabs.

    HIGHLIGHT+TAB: In most decent text editors (i.e., not Notepad), you can move several lines over by highlighting and hitting Tab. This is a great help for coding if you like well-tabbed code.

    CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y: Of course, CTRL+Z is a life saver, but not too many people use CTRL+Y, which lets you step forward through your changes after you've stepped backwards.

    OS Manipulation

    WINDOWS KEY+D: Go directly to your desktop.

    WINDOWS KEY+E: Open Windows Explorer.

    CTRL+SHIFT+ESC: Open the Task Manager for checking out processes and performance.

    SHIFT+DEL: Skip the Recycling Bin and send the file straight to oblivion.

    ALT+TAB: The holy grail of shortcuts used by multi-taskers everywhere. It lets you access all your open programs and makes you wonder why you even need a mouse.

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    My two most used:

    Ctrl + K : Takes you to the search bar and highlights the text for typing over

    Ctrl + L: Takes you tot he address bar and highlights text for typing over.
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