101 Awesome Downloadable Fonts for Designers

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    here is a great list I found on this site.

    1. Guilty: Guilty is a grunged-out typewriter style face.
    2. Tiza: This font has a nice rubbed-out effect.
    3. Print Error: Print Error has lots of background, resembling exactly what it sounds like-a print error.
    4. El&Font Gohtic!: This font has lots of scratches, X accents, and angel wings.
    5. Dirty Uncle: In true dirty fashion, this font’s outlines give way to scribbles at the bottom.
    6. Astonished: Underneath Astonished’s thin, clean look is a bit of grunge.
    7. Bleeding Cowboys: Last Soundtrack’s Bleeding Cowboys font offers a bit of swirly flair for an otherwise tough western font.
    8. Memory Lapses: This font seems to have gotten a little overzealous with ink.
    9. Pirates: Pirates looks quite a bit like a ransom note.
    10. Dirty Ego: This caps font offers a little bit of wear and smudge.
    11. Grunja: This upper-case font has a bit of a saturated look.
    12. Broken15: Broken 15 offers another ransom-style font.
    Handwriting Check out these fonts that resemble handwriting. A few of them are modeled after famous or distinctive writings.

    1. Journal: Journal has the sort of handwriting you only wish you had.
    2. Disgusting Behavior: Disgusting Behavior is like chicken scratch, but on the neat side.
    3. Hill House: Hill House is much cleaner than most handwriting fonts, but it’s inspired by architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s distinctive handwriting.
    4. Nail Scratch: Nail Scratch is thin and messy.
    5. Daub: This simple font has a colored-in feel.
    6. Max Rhodes: This aptly-named font is based on the handwriting of Max Rhodes.
    7. Iron Mathbook: Here you’ll find a font modeled after Iron Maiden.
    8. Barnes Erc: You’ll enjoy this font’s 3-D sketch design.
    9. Pointy: Pointy looks like handwriting that you might find on the cover of your old high school notebook.
    Familiar These fonts all have a very familiar look to them, often modeled after specific typefaces.

    1. Sega Genesis: Sega Genesis’ font is bold and fun.
    2. Poker Party: Poker Party incorporates hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades into its style.
    3. Halo 2: Halo addicts will be sure to appreciate this font.
    4. Marcelle: Marcelle looks like it belongs on the front of an old softball league T-shirt.
    5. Schwing Shift: This font is inspired by classic lettering of the art deco style.
    6. Varsity: This sporty font is straight off of a letter jacket.
    7. The New York Times: This font bears a remarkable resemblance to the font used by The New York Times.
    8. Roadgeek: Roadgeek features fonts that you’ll find on road signs across the US and a few other countries.
    9. Komikandy: Komikandy has a blobby comic book style.
    10. Sonic: You’ll recognize this font from Sonic 2.
    11. Snowcaps: In this font, you’ll find an icy look.
    12. Sega: Feel nostalgic with this Sega font.
    13. Major League: This game font is straight out of the 80s.
    Tech All of these fonts have a high-tech feel to them.

    1. Spectrum Smudged: This font looks like your computer had a bit too much to drink.
    2. Ollivette Elite: This typewriter font translates your typed text into leetspeak.
    3. Atmosphere ‘88?: This font has lots of boxiness and clean lines.
    4. Elektora: Elektora has a very simple, clean feel to it.
    5. Republika: Republika strings together in a futuristic manner.
    6. Atlantis: Atlantis has a very pixellated, boxy look.
    7. Templo: Templo is extremely boxy and pixellated.
    Unique Check out these fonts if you’re looking for something that’s really different.

    1. Starbat: Starbat runs together in a really attractive way.
    2. Flubber: The Flubber font has a cartoony feel to it.
    3. Horse Puke: Horse Puke has strategically placed white blobs.
    4. Stiff Neck: This font’s uppercase letters are white within black, with a hand-drawn look.
    5. Antlers: Antlers incorporates deer antler style into every letter.
    6. Xanax: This font has a fiery lightning bolt style to it.
    7. WC Wunderbach Weiss: Wunderbach has a stencil style with a gradient fade away.
    8. Halcion: The Halcion font has lots of blurry lines.
    9. Chrysler Electric: Be sure to check out this spaghetti noodle inspired font.
    10. Cholo: Cholo has an uppercase style that features the occasional dash and X.
    11. Ballers Delight: This font was created with bejeweled canvas boards.
    12. Stencilul: Stencilul offers a font with stencil-style cutouts.
    13. Carbolith: This upper-case font mimics a skull and crossbones font.
    14. Tralfamadore: Tralfamadore has lots of keyhole cut outs and other attractive accents.
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    Fancy These fonts are all about frilliness.

    1. The King and Queen: Give your site the royal touch with this frilly font.
    2. Celexa 2: This font is a little evil and medieval.
    3. Nasty: Nasty is straight out of an old-fashioned carnival.
    4. ****ens McQueen: This font is what happens when you put Charles ****ens and Steve McQueen together in a font.
    5. Chopin Script: Here you’ll find a nice calligraphy font.
    6. Porcelain: Porceilain’s caps are overly frilly, and the font itself offers multiple layers.
    7. Twigdancer: This font has a fun, woodsy design.
    8. Selfish: Selfish looks a lot like Porcelain, with toned-town caps and a tighter style.
    Bold Make a statement using these big, bold fonts.

    1. New Order Ceremony: New Order Ceremony is thin, but makes a statement.
    2. Boogieman: Boogieman is based on ’50s comic book lettering, and looks a bit like the Misfits’ logo.
    3. Kegger Collegiate: Kegger has a really bold, large athletic look.
    4. Jefferson Gothic Oblique: Sign up for P22’s mailing list, and you’ll get a free download of this distinctive font.
    5. Flutterby: Flutterby is a large, funky font best used in big sizes.
    6. New Order ‘Brotherhood’: New Order ‘Brotherhood’ is a heavy, thick font.
    Clean & Simple These styles are sure to get a heavy rotation for both their versatility and simplicity.

    1. Samba: Samba is thin, yet attractive.
    2. Greyscale Basic: This font is boxy, clean and simple.
    3. Marke Eigenbau: Check out this font if you want something really clean and simple.
    4. Scriptina: Scriptina offers a simple and attractive calligraphy font.
    5. Joy Division Closer: In this font, you’ll find a plain but attractive design.
    6. Valium: Valium is a curvy, sharp font.
    7. Karnivore: In Karnivore, you’ll find a broad upper-case font.
    8. Museo: Museo’s signature features an uppercase U with both stems bent out.
    9. Munica: Fans of simplicity will appreciate this diminuitive font.
    10. Moby: Moby is a very round-looking font.
    11. Semplice: Semplice is a very small, simple font.
    12. Blown Deadline: Blown Deadline offers a casual serif look.
    13. Tuffy: Tuffy is a really simple sans serif font.
    14. Fertigo!: Fertigo is a simple font with a little bit of curve.
    15. Blue Monday ‘88?: This font is all-caps and really clean.
    16. Lido STF: Lido offers a good general typeface.
    17. Diavlo: Diavlo comes in 5 different weights, all with a different feel.
    Simple with a Twist These fonts take a simple style, and then turn it on its head with a special sort of flair.

    1. Hammerhead: Hammerhead is a plain, yet severe font.
    2. Spectre Scratch: In this font, you’ll find a rather plain look accented with lots of scratches.
    3. Hydrophilia: Hydrophilia offers a font with semi-sharp corners.
    4. Aaahoj: This font combines lots of different styles together at once.
    5. Ritalin: Ritalin has lots of sharp endings.
    6. Sandra Oh: Sandra Oh is a slightly messy take on Clarendon.
    7. Mary Jane II: Mary Jane II looks much like Times New Roman, except that it’s upper-case and has lots of cracks.
    8. Orchidee: You’ll love this simple samurai-style font.
    9. Neo Retro: Neo Retro looks like many other caps fonts, but it has a filled-in color.
    10. Gros: This font looks like many others, except that it is very wide.
    11. Diogenes: Diogenes has a very Greek look to it.
    12. Diesel: Diesel has a pretty regular look to it, but offers just an outline.
    13. Masque: Masque sets itself apart with italics and tasteful dashes.
    14. Memoria: This plain font offers just a little bit more curve than others.
    15. Bigfish: Bigfish is rather top-heavy.
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    Great list, I'm always looking for that right font for my projects. Now I have another set of resources to look through.
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    Great work on finding these fonts Brandon! :)
  5. Brandon

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    Fantastic list Brandon. I have been looking for some fonts for my website. Hopefully I will find some interesting ones which I can use. Thanks a lot for this.
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    Ooo thanks for the list. Although, you can't see any previews :/
    But the fonts I normally get are from: Dafont.com
    A good variety with different styles too.
    But your site is good as well ^^
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