Why most admin forums fail

Are admin forums lazy, here is how to prevent it from failing

  1. cpvr
    Lately, there's been a lot of admin forums being created by users who have not yet experienced all then "admin forums", what I mean is, these new people are jumping into to an industry that they barely have any knowledge of, and its making other admin forums look bad because there's a wide variety of admin forums that aren't good.

    With that being said, when I said an admin forum is bad, I mean the content sucks, the users spam too much either because of postloop or post exchanges(they do too much of these services), so the content isn't exactly unique to the field, which downgrades the admin forums community as a whole.

    Because in the beginning of the creation of admin forums, a lot of owners strive to have the "Best" and most "unique content". Let me take you back to the beginning, there was a webmaster forum called Sitepoint, which has books, and a ton of unique content, then Digitalpoint opened up and took the web by the storm - and now their content isn't all of such quality because a lot of new webmasters moved in and joined the community, and a lot of the oldies went on to move to other online community. Thus, making the community not as good as it was.

    So, basically, if you're running an admin forum, and you have received receives on it - whether good or bad, then your main focus should be at making your admin forum even better than before. Don't rush content, don't rush your community either. Focus on quality content and driving new members in just like you, who love quality content.

    When I see a new admin forum pop up these days, I tend to laugh because the content isn't good, and those owners love to brag about how many posts their community has. So, if you're bragging about the posts, how many posts are very in-depth and are of quality? How many posts are one-3 liners? Do you see yourself really running an admin forum for a long time if the content isn't good? You're attraction not so good users, those users are lazy, and they don't make quality posts.

    Your job as an owner/admin is to set the bar for your members. If you're not putting in quality work, then don't expect your members to do the same either. Great leaders think alike, and if you consider yourself a leader, then get the ball running on your admin forum, and get some quality content up.

    Here's an example of unique content:
    Reviews of other online communities - you run an admin forum, review other forums or have a reviewer on your team because it helps with the creation of quality content, and reviews are very popular these days.

    The same thing with interviews, get those done, and ask the other owner very in-depth question. Don't just ask questions like "What's your favorite color?" Ask him questions like "Tell us about yourself, what type of life did you live?"

    Also, content is the key to success on the web - especially unique.

    This is all I have to say on this matter, so if you're running an Admin forum - we love to see unique and quality content - if you're already doing this, and have plenty of quality unique content, then great job!

    Feel free to comment on this article, its why I created it to see how others feel!
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