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Dec 8, 2012
    1. Chani
      Trust me, I was being nice! ;)

      Thanks for agreeing with me! :D I'm just fed up!
    2. Chani
      Thanks! :D

      She's a little"bigger" than she should be. :eek:

      She's a medium-sized dog, and yup, her coat is nice and shiny now that we have her back! :D (She lived with my parents for three years while we had an apartment)

      She's my 12 y.o. puppy. :)
    3. Yoshi
      Sweet! A Mario style would be awesome :) There definitely needs to be more Mario styles being made out there :D
    4. Mikey
      Hiya! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the great advice in my review thread, I've implemented most all of what was suggested, and you were right, the site looks loads better now, even if it isn't my design I'm using, haha. Thanks alot! :)
    5. Chris
      It's quite rainy today (although, it's letting up a bit). The perfect weather for sitting back and relaxing. :) How about down there (and how are you)?
    6. Ryan
      Sure why not. You can be...

      Assistant Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
    7. Ryan
      General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
    8. Peacelily
      I r totes MAJICK now. People did not know if I was a boy or a girl. I thought I should have a girlie icon for a while. Not that having an icon of lead singer in a band is something boys do, but hey. Heehee
    9. Ryan
    10. jlevi
      So what's the web designer group all about?
    11. Peacelily
      Yes, that is Bill Kaulitz from the band Tokio Hotel. My site is Tokio Hotel America. Heehee. But fans from all the various bands hang out at Cherrytreerecords.com in the chat and for some reason, Nutella and Slow Loris are recurring themes. Heehee
    12. Peacelily
      Nutella!!!! I posted your link out on the record label site I hang at because they are always talking about Nutella in their chat. :rofl:
    13. Mikey
      I have a creative block when it comes to designing for my own site xD
    14. Okenyon
      please please pretty please!
    15. Okenyon
    16. Mikey
      I've been in contact with a designer and so far, I'm just waiting for the funds and the right time :)
    17. Nick
      [I]Your[/I] code utilizes SWF, which I see. The source code [I]we[/I]'re currently using, however, does not. That's what I'm getting at. :)
    18. Nick
      According to the source code, it's Javascript. Maybe I'm misinterpreting it though.

      It begins with: [quote] <script type='text/javascript'>[/quote]
    19. Nick
      What exactly was changed? I don't want to tamper with it because the current code actually calls the advertisement from DTO's servers, and also allows them to track it. I can send you the source code if you want.
    20. Nick
      Hey FMB! I just saw your visitor message about the DTO Ad on the sidebar.

      I honestly never noticed that it overlaps CometChat that way. Good catch!
      Anyways, the reason it does that is because it is displayed with Javascript while the other ads are simply just HTML <img> and <href> links.

      I'll contact the guy that I had develop the random order for the sidebar and see if he can work something up.
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