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    I am looking for partners/forum leaders in a simulator game project, specifically Truck, Train and Flight simulator games but if you are a fan of any simulator game and feel you can contribute then please get in contact for more info.
    This will be a big project covering a lot of games but to start with it will be Farming, truck, train and flight simulators as the main focus, there will be a mod download section, screen shot gallery, video gallery and tutorials for all the main games as well as help sections and general discussion.

    The style has been chosen, and graphics/logo will hopefully be completed next week, I have started to put the forum structure together and now feel it's time to start recruiting some staff/partners to start this project moving forward and to provide ideas and criticism (constructive hopefully)
    The focus will be on creating a welcoming & friendly community crossing over the many different yet similar simulator games providing a central place to get help advice as well as the latest news, reviews and addon's or mods.
    I am looking for staff to be the team leaders in their particular area of the site, I would be looking after the Farming sim area, at the moment I am recruiting for Truck, Train and Flight sim forums. Team leaders would be expected to recruit their own moderators as & when they are required and maintain their forums for spam, abusive behavior and keep the forum fun & friendly as well as posting news and info relating to the forum.

    Thank you for reading this and if you are interested in any way please send me a pm here at AT.


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