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    Website Name: YouPromten
    Website link: YouPromoTen
    Description: A traffic exchange program where you can submit your site to our advertising rotation by simply viewing 10 other sites. You can also continue to earn "points" by referring people and viewing ads to make your site appear more often in the rotation, or save them up to purchase special items.

    The owner is CarsonK and I am the co-owner.

    The program is currently not yet launched, however we are accepting pre-launch registrations.

    Specific release date is not yet set, however it will likely be within the next month. During this period, we're going to be slowly rolling this program out.
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    I've been using it and I rather like it. To be honest I don't see what the purpose is of traffic exchanges, though I guess it does help if you're selling your own ads.

    Sorry for the thread bump, but I thought I'd find this thread instead of making a new one.

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