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    Dawn By: Kaiser of AdminBB (Works with XenForo 1.00)

    Basic Information:
    This is my first theme, never created a theme before for any software.. so xenForo is a first, BIG thanks to Mike & Kier for making such a great system for creating themes and add-ons.

    You May:
    Install on every website you own.
    Tell your friends about it :)
    Enjoy it!
    DO NOT:
    Do Not remove the copyright at the bottom. (To remove it will cost you $20)
    Do Not redistribute any part of this file.
    Do Not tell people this is your own work.
    Do Not sell the contents of this package.

    1. Upload the contents of the "Upload" folder to your "styles" folder in your xenforo installation path.
    2. Import the xml file via the Administrator control panel.
    3. Your Done!
    4. Enjoy.

    12-12-2010 - Login Bar Form Color fixed.
    04-04-2011 - Updated to work with XenForo 1.00 (Stable)


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    Wow! I didn't even know you'd done this template too. I've seen the blue one. I'm just surprised there weren't more comments or downloads. So many cool possibilities for a template/theme like this. If I were using Xenforo, I'm sure I would jump at the chance to have this one on my site.

    Very nice design. Seems all your designs lean toward the sleek, professional side. It's a good direction to go.

    The color scheme is complementary, from what I can see. I like how the forum itself is white which makes the posts easier to read; much better for the eyes. And, there is a nice block of earthy colors at the time to offset the sophistication of the black background. All the elements are very much Web 2.0.

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