XenForo 1.1.1 Released

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    XenForo 1.1.1 is the first maintenance release in the 1.1 series. In contains fixes for bugs that were discovered following the release of 1.1.0. It also contains a fix to use Facebook's updated authentication API, as the old API will be disabled in the near future.

    Some of the bug fixes include:
    • Global RSS feed not as efficient as possible
    • Make popup menus more usable on Android (and possibly other phones)
    • Custom field validation on registration did not work properly
    • In IE9, line breaks were not preserved in the editor properly
    • Custom field criteria did not work in notices correctly
    See the Resolved Bug Reports forum for the full list.

    Additionally, there is a minor feature improvement, detailed in the next post.

    All licensed customers may now download XenForo 1.1.1 from the customer area.

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