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    DemoTiger introduced the WHMCS VPS Reseller API System. VPS Reseller API allows "your VPS reseller" to resell your product to its end-users without human interference at each stage.

    DemoTiger is a trusted company. We Have 170+ Reviews On One Of The Most Popular Products On The WHMCS Marketplace.

    170+ Reviews!!

    If you wish to compete with a big company, then try our VPS Reseller API System module. This can help you get more customers

    who are looking for a VPS reseller program and they can join your program to resell your VPS on their website.

    - Free License - 10 Days.

    - Yearly License - $59
    - One-Time License - $225
    - Source Code - License up-to 3 domains - $525 (One Time, Free update/support)

    Full Info & Order Link

    Contact us via WhatsApp: +919599595010

    Supported Platforms/Billing Software:
    - Support WHMCS v7 to v8.x (Recommended version: Latest)

    - Create/terminate reseller API access.
    - Modify/edit reseller API IP Address, API Keys.
    - Provide a free/paid API signup program for resellers.
    - Automatically assign resellers to the pre-defined group.
    - A reseller end user can upgrade/downgrade the plan.
    - Much more...


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