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    Welcome to the TheGazebo forums.

    The forums are designed to be a place where you meet and chat with friends, discussing daily life, or the issues that affect you.. as well as having some fun. :icon_rotate:

    Alot of the forum's daily activity takes places in the Daily Thread, and you will be made very welcome when you stop in and say hello.

    If you want to share a little introduction about yourself, please do so here. Whilst you're there, you can find out a little about the other members.

    So what else does TheGazebo offer? There is an IT section, where you can discuss computer issues, security etc, and a Home & Family section, covering cooking, gardening, pets etc etc Registered members can chat using flashchat. And you can have your own album in the Gallery

    We hope that you'll register, and join us. If you have any problems, please use this contact form to contact Liz.

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