vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 24 has been released

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    vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 24 is NOW AVAILABLE for vBulletin 5 Connect license holders to download.

    Prospective customers may preview vB5 Connect at www.vbulletin.com/vb5demo/.

    The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 24 feedback thread for licensed customers is HERE. We use your feedback to improve vBulletin.

    Beta 24 addresses 85 issues. However, we recommend you not utilize vBulletin Betas for live sites.

    Note: As with all Beta releases, no phone or ticket support will be provided for Beta 24. However, customers purchasing a vBulletin 5 Connect license will receive 30 days of free ticket support--with a start date commencing upon the Gold release.

    1. VBV-3838 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Post Threads" doesn't work
    2. VBV-3840 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Reply to Others' Threads" doesn't work
    3. VBV-3764 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can View Others' Threads" doesn't work
    4. VBV-6539 follow API delete method doesn't validate that user has permissions to remove following
    5. VBV-6565 Saving an album without making any changes lead to the latest image being removed.
    6. VBV-5996 Fatal error after deleting language that you use
    7. VBV-6478 PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (Upgrade 4.2.0 PL3 to vB5)
    8. VBV-6546 The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size
    9. VBV-5444 Channel manager doesn't show any channels after upgrade
    10. VBV-6547 API doesn't validate setfor value when creating a VM
    11. VBV-1513 IP/Email banning options are not working
    12. VBV-4470 Fatal error under Thread Manager / Move Threads
    13. VBV-6594 Failing question and answer verification hides answer field - cannot type new answer
    14. VBV-6615 Upgrade error 500a1 Step 132: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
    15. VBV-3944 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Edit Own Profile" doesn't work
    16. VBV-3865 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can See Deletion Notices" doesn't work
    17. VBV-4026 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Post Messages in Groups" doesn't work
    18. VBV-4029 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Manage Own Messages" doesn't work
    19. VBV-6556 Registered users cannot post photos as replies when Thread Commenting is disabled
    20. VBV-6618 VBV-6651Cache issues in userTest fetchUserInfo method [unit test]
    21. VBV-5570 Uploading non-image files aren't brining up error messages.
    22. VBV-6553 "add new usergroup" in admincp are showing warning errors
    23. VBV-1481 Redirect Domain Whitelist security feature is missing
    24. VBV-890 Edit site logo always save changes.
    25. VBV-6567 Editing an album post and removing all pictures, then trying to upload new pictures will throw an error
    26. VBV-6619 VBV-6651Invalid query definition error when merging users.
    27. VBV-6609 Text in starter post is not rendered properly in its container
    28. VBV-2482 Using search function in Prune/Move Users form creates an error
    29. VBV-1360 Unable to moderate Visitor messages as Admin
    30. VBV-6559 Thread redirects not imported during upgrade
    31. VBV-6577 Cannot see threads/posts content when editing
    32. VBV-6486 Templates on the filesystem
    33. VBV-1325 No getnew/getdaily functions (that I can find)
    34. VBV-1578 User can upload an unlimited number pictures to a blog post, it's bypassing the Message Attachment Options
    35. VBV-6633 Inline Moderation Menu does not appear on Search Results.
    36. VBV-6727 Organize Side Bar Menu CSS for Blog has several CSS margin properties that distort the module display (Regression Beta22)
    37. VBV-6722 Permission and Privacy settings for blog are not saved
    38. VBV-6788 Unable to post blog entry with uploaded photo(s)
    39. VBV-1019 New Blog Entry button is very hard to find.
    40. VBV-6418 Follow API not validating user request before adding subscriptions to a channel
    41. VBV-6812 Upgrade error: Database error, invalid SQL. Upgrading from 4.2 using Web Interface
    42. VBV-6476 Mobile App: Profile page is incorrect
    43. VBV-6023 Mobile App: Categories do not appear correctly in forum lists
    44. VBV-5963 Mobile App: No error pop up for create_permissions (iOS)
    45. VBV-5815 Mobile App: Loading prefix list crashes app (iOS)
    46. VBV-1742 All admin cp styles (except new vB5 style) display broken
    47. VBV-2911 Guest Comment function and Post Reply function is visible but will not post to the thread
    48. VBV-6716 ReCaptcha will not verify during registration
    49. VBV-3887 Unable to create redirects when moving threads
    50. VBV-1734 COPPA: Registration System Cookie Check function is broken (Regression on Beta 23)
    51. VBV-6419 No inline moderation menu
    52. VBV-3367 Subscribe button in blog home is broken it will always display "Subscribed"
    53. VBV-1502 "Allow Users to Edit Profile Privacy" setting doesn't work
    54. VBV-3945 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Set Self to Invisible Mode" doesn't work
    55. VBV-6648 VBV-6651Userinfo not being properly updated when posting [Fast cache issue]
    56. VBV-6571 Edit option on user's visitor messages should not be visible when "Can Manage Messages within Own Profile" is off
    57. VBV-6568 Config.php file creation failed
    58. VBV-1084 When viewing a closed topic, the administrative menu has the option to "close" the topic, but not to "open" it
    59. VBV-6529 Custom New Pages added to the Nav Bar don't get highlighted when selected.
    60. VBV-1442 Wrong image displayed for group on Groups listing
    61. VBV-6301 When accepting a user in moderation, you get a fatal error for class 'vB_DataManager_pm' not found
    62. VBV-863 Unable to upload a profile picture from a URL.
    63. VBV-6572 Content in visitor message on your profile disappears when edit is clicked
    64. VBV-6613 AdminCP: Quick Channel Permissions Setup Page is broken
    65. VBV-4647 Thread Comment Posting is still allowed when turned off in Admin CP
    66. VBV-6320 VBV-6360API is not validating userfiledata when adding photo.
    67. VBV-5463 Post count is wrong (after moved thread) even after using maintenance tools
    68. VBV-4806 You'll not be redirected after moving a thread to another channel
    69. VBV-5856 Comment notifications go to the topic creator instead of the poster whose reply is being commented.
    70. VBV-2328 searchJSON in search url doesn't has any validation of correct value
    71. VBV-3043 Upgrading between Alphas will create sample forums even if you have existing content
    72. VBV-6680 Notice: Undefined index: on Home Page
    73. VBV-6787 Creating a New Blog Shows Error "Title cannot be empty. Please set this field. "
    74. VBV-6538 Two anchors in a reply URL (regression)
    75. VBV-6381 Mobile App: Private messages with multiple recipients only get sent to one recipient
    76. VBV-6370 Mobile App: Attachments show up as untitled threads in the subscribed list if the user is subscribed to the forum
    77. VBV-6058 Mobile App: Forums are listed in the wrong order
    78. VBV-5994 Mobile App: In full post view, "(null)" is at the end of every post (iOS)
    79. VBV-2033 Properly Categorize Templates.
    80. VBV-1860 No way to remove profile picture
    81. VBV-6513 Human verification question is misaligned
    82. VBV-3018 Poll total votes should say Votes and not Voters
    83. VBV-5919 Remove print_standard_redirect from vB5
    84. VBV-6662 Multiple calls to vB5_Cache::instance in template::render
    85. VBV-6738 image upload animation has odd spacing

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    VBV-6486 Templates on the filesystem :cool:
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