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    vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 16 is NOW AVAILABLE for vBulletin 5 Connect license holders to download, as well as, for prospective customers to preview at www.vbulletin.com/vb5demo/.

    Beta 16 contains resolutions to 113 issues. Among the biggest enhancements are improvements to Blog functionality, the Site Builder, and several fixes for the Mobile Suite. While we do not recommend running beta versions on live sites, we encourage you to use a test site for that purpose. For live sites, vBulletin 4.2 is an excellent choice.
    The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 16 feedback thread for licensed customers is HERE. (You must be logged in to view this link.) We greatly appreciate and use your feedback to improve vBulletin.
    (Note: As with all beta releases, we aren't able to provide phone or ticket support for Beta 16. Customers purchasing a vBulletin 5 Connect license will receive 30 days of free ticket support, starting with the Gold release of the software.)

    1. VBV-5362 Cannot save New Page
    2. VBV-5444 Channel manager doesn't show any channels after upgrade
    3. VBV-5189 Setting cache to Filecache then setting it back to Memcached will break forum
    4. VBV-5536 Session is not recognized when clicking Private Message button
    5. VBV-2223 Frontend fails when using mod_fcgid to handle PHP
    6. VBV-5219 Upgrade Error from vb 4.2.0 to Beta 11
    7. VBV-3757 Usergroup Permission "Can View Forum" doesn't work
    8. VBV-2541 Update counters tools in AdminCP do not work
    9. VBV-5552 Can't register a new user
    10. VBV-4607 APIs called via AJAX cannot be extended
    11. VBV-5382 Admincp Attachment Manager broken (regression)
    12. VBV-4669 Cannot flag blog posts
    13. VBV-5542 User Profile > User Settings > Profile tab > 'Save Changes' button does not do anything when clicked (only affects Users)
    14. VBV-5569 Custom Avatars are not appearing in Activity Streams or User Profiles
    15. VBV-5546 Cannot create new groups (Regression)
    16. VBV-4165 Upgrade of 4.2 to 5.0 Alpha45 fails with DB error
    17. VBV-5477 Mobile App: Error when trying to submit a post (iOS)
    18. VBV-5476 Mobile App: Blank page in post list (iOS)
    19. VBV-5544 Upgrading to beta 16 fails with invalid_query_definition_x error about infractiongroup
    20. VBV-5302 Cache is consuming 60% of Database Server Memory
    21. VBV-4586 Errors when editing profile picture with link on IE
    22. VBV-5031 Topics and Post count is off
    23. VBV-5033 Home Page Permissions not respected
    24. VBV-4244 (Chrome & Firefox only) User Profile: After image is uploaded for Profile Picture the picture still does not appear
    25. VBV-3687 Redirected to page with error code after 2nd login attempt
    26. VBV-5167 PHP Notice when like or unlike
    27. VBV-5126 Blog posts will not be displayed after upgrade
    28. VBV-5375 Text < > and anything inbetween disappears when editing
    29. VBV-3977 After install, channel permissions are shown as "customized" instead of being the default permissions
    30. VBV-5409 "People Who Voted" pop-up stays open after changing tabs in activity stream modules
    31. VBV-5445 Global Define required for urls
    32. VBV-4449 Queries for Userid #1 when not logged in
    33. VBV-5491 getDescendantPhotoCount
    34. VBV-4802 Cache User permissions info
    35. VBV-5331 FR: Permission error for attaching pictures should be more specific
    36. VBV-5341 Edit features for Latest Activity Module are broken
    37. VBV-5496 Mobile App: Can't view subscribed list on home page
    38. VBV-4860 FR: When you inline an image uploaded through Forum Runner, it does not show up properly in the web browser
    39. VBV-4338 Code "@TODO" needs to be taken out of widgets that have polls
    40. VBV-5137 Unable to Send User a PM as a Subscriber - when Subscribers and Admins are only allowed to send.
    41. VBV-4801 My Settings -> Profile validation should not remove any entered data, but highlight incorrect fields
    42. VBV-5224 IMG BBcode only works for the default "Main Forum", for new forums/blogs/groups - IMG BBcode doesn't work
    43. VBV-5091 Error when changing admin permissions
    44. VBV-5471 Mobile App: Can't access photos
    45. VBV-5549 "Update User Names" admincp maintenance tool fails with invalid_query_definition_x
    46. VBV-4883 BBCode [video] not working correctly - displays as a text link
    47. VBV-5532 Delete Blog does not work
    48. VBV-1518 "Maximum Characters Per Post" doesn't work
    49. VBV-5428 Getting Blank Pages
    50. VBV-5458 api_mobilepublisher missing
    51. VBV-5335 "Unable to contact server" error when going to the "Activities" tab of a user profile page
    52. VBV-4428 Site builder -> Color Style -> Choose Primary Color -> Hex - "Ok" button in the popup does nothing
    53. VBV-4985 Unable to Install Using Filesystem Cache
    54. VBV-5343 Unable to save User Settings from Account, Privacy, Notifications tab when Birthday setting is required. When the birthdate is set.
    55. VBV-5466 Mobile App: Link discussion posts are blank
    56. VBV-5473 Mobile App: Profile page crashes app (iOS)
    57. VBV-5478 Mobile App: Going to folder tab in Private Messages screen crashes app (iOS)
    58. VBV-5481 Mobile App: Creating a new private message crashes the app (iOS)
    59. VBV-5396 Javascript using non existant options and phrases
    60. VBV-5268 updateLastData query takes too long
    61. VBV-4855 Directory - Topics all show zero
    62. VBV-4989 Logo Disappears overnight, filedata is removed completely from the filedata table.
    63. VBV-5578 Registered users cannot see blog activity with Subscribed and Registered Users view
    64. VBV-3088 Registration Birth Date Button is not in place
    65. VBV-3767 Moderator: Copy Posts to a New or Existing Thread will display "no_permission" error
    66. VBV-3701 New "system" usergroups are marked as "custom" usergroups in the Admin cp, and can be deleted, etc.
    67. VBV-4397 User Profile: Change 'Edit Profile Picture' text to 'Edit Avatar'
    68. VBV-5529 unable_to_contact_server_please_try_again while trying to fetch channel list after upgrading from 4.2
    69. VBV-5403 Search: Forum/Blog topic Title Name missing in search results when post has a video attached
    70. VBV-5408 Posting a post takes too long
    71. VBV-5557 "Add New User" option is broken in admincp
    72. VBV-4839 Very slow time to create posts
    73. VBV-5582 Channel Manager Blog channel Invalid query definition
    74. VBV-5421 Invalid query definitons
    75. VBV-5604 Avatar names changed after the upgrade from 4.2 and they are not working now
    76. VBV-5455 Product uninstall broken (regression)
    77. VBV-5562 Error: no_permission when editing channels on Page Manager
    78. VBV-5160 Fix constant rebuilding of bbcode_video template
    79. VBV-5410 "People Who Voted" should be "People Who Liked"
    80. VBV-5042 "Vote Now" and view "View Poll Results" button not on activity stream
    81. VBV-2644 Comment link shows even if user has no permission to post comment
    82. VBV-4311 Uploaded profile pictures are not properly resized
    83. VBV-4966 Profile Media: Unable to close the Video Window
    84. VBV-4565 Post replies increase Post Count by two
    85. VBV-4343 tag_x_not_be_common_words message does not properly display the common word(s)
    86. VBV-4758 Creating a blog selecting "Automatically parse links in text" or "Disable smilies in text" options will display an error message upon save
    87. VBV-3492 Post Reply button displayed also when not having permission to post
    88. VBV-5513 Module titles not showning for custom products.
    89. VBV-5493 Blog Owner cannot comment on his own blog entry
    90. VBV-3396 Stylevars should be used throughout the responsive CSS rules where appropriate
    91. VBV-5474 Mobile App: Blogs page crashes app if there are no blogs (iOS)
    92. VBV-2982 Advanced Editor font size change not saved
    93. VBV-5550 Current page isn't highlighted in the navigation bar (Regression)
    94. VBV-5501 Blog owner cannot comment after editing his blog entry (even with comments enabled)
    95. VBV-5438 Error when adding a signature (regression)
    96. VBV-5371 Code displays before username in photo visitor message
    97. VBV-4071 The word vote shows in the statistics column under thread list view
    98. VBV-3699 Posting a "Link" as a reply causes the Link input area to disappear
    99. VBV-3597 Can't cancel the "select from photo album" overlay (profile media -> photo)
    100. VBV-5149 Multiple identical phrase IDs are sent when fetching phrases via ajax
    101. VBV-4962 Number of notifications in header is wrong
    102. VBV-4916 Smilies will break while editing the post
    103. VBV-3346 Edit Blog Post text fields are not being validated
    104. VBV-1443 Groups - wrong avatar image shown on Group Summary page
    105. VBV-5535 When a User replies to a Topic, after the page is refreshed their custom avatar disappears and is replaced with the generic default avatar
    106. VBV-3491 Can send message to more recipients than allowed in AdminCP
    107. VBV-3237 When using site builder, changing the logo set it as a default in the master style.
    108. VBV-3730 "lastvisit" column in user table not updating
    109. VBV-2813 Total posts/Posts per day incorrectly calculated on user profile - all node records are counted
    110. VBV-2563 User Profile - change image Browse button class should be secondary (not blue)
    111. VBV-1110 User Profile - "Discussion" is been replaced by "Reply"
    112. VBV-3591 "Directory" should be renamed to "Forums"
    113. VBV-5140 Typo: Visitor Message Setting caption in User settings. change sentence with the work "uncheck"

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