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Discussion in 'Monetization Techniques' started by AmazingP, Jun 5, 2011.

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    May 6, 2011
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    I have a great collection of PLR articles on different subjects and I read somewhere that I can actually make money off PLR articles. I am now planning to put my own personal and business blogs and would probably be combing my collection for content.

    Aside from rewriting the content, what other steps I should take to make PLR works for me?
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    I've got a few thousand PLR articles collecting dust on my computer and so far they have NOT served me well. So, I wish you all the luck in the world with using them. Mostly, it's a time management issue. Too many OTHER things to do rather than deal with private label rights material; not enough time to edit, fix the mistakes. In the time that it takes me to edit and change the PLR for web consumption, I could just as easily write my own articles and tutorials.

    Still, you might do well with PLR.

    Maybe someone with more time and inkling in that direction will have better luck using PLR than I did.

    If you would like another direction to take with the PLR, you might try cobbling together an ebook from related materials.

    You won't actually have to edit anything much cause the material is not on a blog or website.

    You can still insert all your links into the material and even sell the ebook if you have a proper web graphic or ebook cover.

    You might try splitting up the PLR articles into bundles and selling them online, maybe at a forum that allows such.

    I've seen that done before with some success.

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