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    It’s been a while since we’ve had an interview post, so let’s kick things off again with a big one!
    Our new product manager, Tim B. took time to answer some questions.
    Please tell us a bit about yourself.

    Well, I’m an Aussie to begin with, I’m a Software Engineering and Business student at university and I work from home.
    Besides MyBB, what are some of your hobbies?

    When I’m not at my computer (which is very rarely acommunity.mybb.com_images_smilies_tongue.gif ), I like to be on my Yamaha dirt bike, or my mountain bike (but I’m usually too lazy for that these days). Some strange hobbies also tend to gain my interest for a short period of time, for example lock picking (my own locks, don’t worry) and petrol powered remote control cars.
    What made you join the MyBB staff team?

    I had been a member here for quite a while before I joined the team so I had a bit of an attachment to MyBB. When a team member mentioned to me that they were looking for people to join the support team I decided that it was something I wanted to pursue because I felt it would allow my contributions to be more far reaching than I could achieve as a regular member. Upon joining I found that I enjoyed making long lasting improvements to the things that often get thrown in the too hard basket, but were nonetheless important, and so I made a number of suggestions that were adopted (and some that weren’t). I then took on a number of initiatives to improve sections of the wiki and the forum rules and soon after this Dennis announced that he had to step down due to time constraints. As I was doing a lot more behind the scenes stuff at that stage then actual support work I decided to put my name forward and eventually I was chosen to take over from Dennis, an opportunity which I am very grateful for.
    The most memorable day of my life was…

    Yesterday (I would say today, but it’s not over yet).
    What is your dream job?

    No job, I would be retired with a considerable fortune. acommunity.mybb.com_images_smilies_tongue.gif That way I could pursue whatever interest I desired. On a more realistic note, I hope to one day work in the management side of the software development industry, hence why I study business along with Software Engineering.
    What do you do to kill time?

    I am a master of wasting time. Sometimes that is a good thing, but unfortunately usually it’s not. acommunity.mybb.com_images_smilies_tongue.gif I have so many favourite time killers, facebook is an obvious one (but who doesn’t love to waste time on facebook these days), another one is a website called Moonbuggy which has random (and hilarious) pictures (if you go googling for it then be warned, it’s often NSFW). I enjoy some really simplistic games, like line rider and various other flash games, plus I occasionally get into Call of Duty and Minecraft. In terms of TV, I almost exclusively watch sitcoms, I have seen every episode of the The Office, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks and Recreation, Better Off Ted, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Outsourced, The IT Crowd, Seinfeld and Trailer Park Boys, plus a few others I probably forgot. I also have to mention that I love buying (pretty random) things off the internet, usually from Deal Extreme or eBay. For example, I have one of those clothes folders that Sheldon has in The Big Bang Theory. acommunity.mybb.com_images_smilies_tongue.gif
    Name an item you wish to own one day, and why.

    A yellow Lamborghini Gallardo with black GT stripes, just because I’m cool like that. acommunity.mybb.com_images_smilies_tongue.gif If you had have asked me a few weeks ago I would have said my new computer but I just bought that. acommunity.mybb.com_images_smilies_biggrin.gif
    What made you initially want to learn PHP/MySQL?

    I enjoy programming, it not only stimulates your mind but it produces something that can improve the lives of millions of people across the world and I think that’s pretty amazing. I never specifically made the choice to learn PHP/MySQL but through my involvement with MyBB and other things I have been a part of, learning PHP/MySQL became a necessity. I am certainly still learning, but I think that is the way for any programmer, looking back at my programming from a year ago I was a total n00b, and I’m sure I’ll think the same in another year about my programming now.
    What do you have for breakfast each day?

    I just eat whatever is in the fridge/pantry (left over pizza, pancakes or waffles always go down well). One of my favourite breakfast combos is Vanilla (or Chocolate) Up & Go on Weet-Bix (if you’re not Australian you probably won’t have heard of either of those two things), it sounds a bit strange but it’s awesome, trust me.
    Anything else you wish to add?

    I don’t think so, other than that I would like to say thanks to the team for making MyBB possible and to the community for making MyBB as successful as it is.

    Get your questions answered

    I’m always struggling to think of new and interesting questions, so please help me out and post what you would like answered! They can be general to all/any staff or specific to one member, either way, post them in the Questions for team members thread and I’ll ask them if appropriate. Thank you.

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