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    Welcome to the Palace of Role Play, where the only limit to a realm of writing and creativity is your own imagination!

    We are a forum which houses single thread RPs that are primarily based on Anime series. However, we are always open to new ideas and concepts, and other types of RPs would be welcomed with a thousand open arms.

    Our community is friendly and open minded, and is more than willing to help new users (to the forum and to writing itself) improve and have a good time. People and characters from all walks of life, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, are more than welcome.

    Our rules are simple. Be respectful, reply to users as you would have them reply to you, and try to keep quadruple posting to a minimum. Otherwise, have fun!

    Come visit today! Chat it up on the portal, or register on the forum to browse around our written work or play in forum games.

    Looking for more than just friendship? Check out the RPs we host and see which ones are currently accepting players!

    Silver Wing(Pokemon)(Brand New!) - Nestled comfortably in the center of the continent of Bellicose is the famous city of Sigil which houses the most well known guild of the land, Silver Wing. Here pokemon and people coexist peacefully in a mutual environment where both do their fair share of work. Inside are people of all ages, sitting and chatting, eating, and simply relaxing. The floor creeks in places, where people have danced too roughly and too often. The atmosphere is welcoming, pokemon and their tamers are free to wander as they please. Pokemon tamers of all caliber are present. Some are more experienced that others, but it is clear that a number of the tamers of Silver Wing have a great deal of potential. Some have made names for themselves, while others are in the process of doing so. And that is the appeal of being part of this great guild. One can become famous and fight the infamous dark guilds who cause problems across the land. Accept a mission today. We look forward to welcoming you.

    Pokemorphs: The Resistance (Pokemon/Animorphs) - My name is Darryl. I can't tell you my last name. It's not safe. They might find out where I am. The yeerks. You know, the little slug-like creatures who swim around in dirty water and then forcefully squeeze themselves into your ear and take over your body and mind. Hm, you've never heard of them? Well you have now, and they're the greatest threat to human kind since the invention of high heels. They're taking over the world one host at a time. They've got my sister. They've got my friends. That's why I've gone and done the only sensible thing I could think of. Joined the resistance. Now I've got a little slug in my head too, but its helping me fight against the invaders. We're what we call a symbiote, a human and yeerk pairing who works together to try and help free Earth from Visser 3, the invader's general. It wasn't a smooth ride at first. We didn't always get along. But we're united in our goal. And we're going to kick some arrogant slug ass. Are you?

    Rise of the Firebird (Volume II)(Digimon) - The dawn of the Digital World was a time of great strife and unease. The magnificent Firebird Zhuqiaomon ruled the world with great prowess and honor. His opposite, the Draconic Examon, dealt with the souls of the dead and the evil doers of the world. However, Zhuqiaomon's sons, Valdurmon and Phoenixmon, soon brought chaos upon the world, and Examon, in an effort to put an end to the warring between the Holy Trinity, sealed the three Gods away, splitting their digicores into parts and spreading them across the Digital World. He then sealed himself away, using his latent power to keep the locks on the Firebirds strong. Unfortunately, Examon's disappearance allowed a dangerous virus to run rampant in the world above, and the digimon species is becoming more and more infected, and more and more doomed. Wanting to be free, the Firebirds call upon human beings to help set them free. The Bearers of the Firebirds are entrapped in an unending war against one another in a race to see who can claim their God's cores before the others. The winner will determine which Holy God will rule the Digital World, and how the curse set upon lay digimon by Examon will be eradicated.

    Digital Guardians (Digimon) - The digital world has always existed along side of Earth, drawing information and concepts from that world to populate the digital one. Rising alone side man is the species of Enesmon, creatures with no digital attributes of their own, but who have the power to absorb the data of dying digimon to evolve into at a later time. This stealing of another's body is their only way to survive the harsh digital world. They use their ability not only to survive, but to protect the digital world from villainy, although not all digimon see them as good guys. With a great threat on the horizon, the enesmon of the world must band together, as much as it is not in their nature to, and fight to prove themselves to the digimon population as good creatures, as well as shoot down the creature who is besmirching their name and wrecking havoc upon the world.
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    Very very nice job. I like that theme, and the forum is well organized :)
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    Glasgow Scotland
    Nice looking forum

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