The next big Google update: Will Google punish sites that do not use

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    Google has been promoting microdata for some time now. As you have probably noticed Google is already serving up answers to your search queries right on the Google search page, instead of just links to pages.
    This is where Google wants to go. And also where it needs to go to compete with Facebook.

    To be able to fully make use of available information on websites, Google needs websites to add semantic microdata as defined by
    This is not limited to adding a few rich snippets here or there.

    Google has hinted that new Google search engine algorithm updates will be increasingly to the benefit of websites that implement microdata.

    Its likely that 2013 will bring another major Google update. In 2011 there was the Panda update and in 2012 the Penguin update removed 700.000 websites from Google's index. A lot of community webmasters faced this problem. We have frequently been seeing threads about this on various admin websites.

    So what will happen if Google decides to push communities on outdated software down in their search index or even completely remove such websites?
    I know it seems unlikely, but so was the Penguin update.

    I think its unlikely that companies like vbulletin or XenForo would react quickly. (XenForo already has some microdata implemented) What about other software?
    What will you do if this happens?
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