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    I have been running my forum since new years day and have nearly 3,000 posts and only 50 members, I thought I would make this thread to explain to people what they should expect when they start a forum.

    Forums require lots of dedication. First timers may not have a large community to start off with, many really successful forums do have a readymade community that gets the ball rolling.

    I decided not to take the full on promotion tactic, I mean, I do share links via Youtube and twitter, but most of my members are people who were referred by word of mouth and from my well indexed appearances on search engines.

    I have my site fully optimised for Google and Bing, but also my plugins are really good and the theme is sweet. Once people land on the forum, they are likely to stay for a while.

    My forum is for philosophy discussions and so there is no point going overboard with marketing it, those who seek shall find.

    Over all, I am very happy with it. It takes dedication, time and money to have a successful forum and I expect another two years before it has a large community and is well known.

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    Running a forum is a lot of work and it sounds like you have a good start. Keep up the good work!
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    How is the forum now? Hope it is still successful. Share your success story.

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