Should more forum scripts concentrate on 'network' solutions?

Discussion in 'Community Forum Software' started by CM30, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Jul 1, 2012
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    You know, like sharing a memberbase between forums, single sign on (including across domains), etc? Because while IP Connect seems good, it's still not quite what's needed in this day and age for a forum network.

    What we really need is software that:

    • Lets you log in with the same domain across multiple sites and forums running on different scripts
    • Lets you display forum comments on a main site/blog and vice versa
    • Shares the same memberbase for multiple sites
    • Displays stats and things across a network as well as on an individual site basis
    • etc
    So why don't more forum developers/script developers focus on that?
  2. DaringHost

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    Jun 15, 2013
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    I agree with that I've not see many (if any) major forum software that incorporates those features into their software. I would imagine they haven't because it would involve a complex setup.

    I believe I've seen a WHMCS (billing software) and MyBB bridging plugin that would allow WHMCS customers to log into a MyBB forum using the same username and password. Other than that I've not really seen anything else that has the features you listed. Hopefully in the future that changes though.
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    The problem with this cross-site authentication is that it's complicated to implement - and even more complicated once you consider multiple scripts, with different code structures, as well as the ever-present issue of making your cross-auth system secure.

    And the IP Suite does have good integration with other platforms and databases, you just have to know how to implement it.

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