[Seeking] Co Owner + Contributing Members (For Any Forum)

Discussion in 'Marketplace and Exchanges' started by ChopSuey, Mar 3, 2010.

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    Feb 2, 2010
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    Name of site (and/or forum)?: Brand new site out of the box, TBD
    Link to forum?: n/a
    Genre?: Any kind you think is good
    Forum Software?: vBulletin (i will buy the license.)
    Total number of posts the forum has received?: n/a
    Seeking?: Administrator + Contributing members
    Paid Position?: %50 of the forum income after launch.
    If Paid, How Much?: TBD
    Why are you requesting staff?: Want to start a forum with a person that knows the vBulletin software well & can have active members in no time
    Additional Information: We can choose to go with vBulletin 3.x or vBulletin 4.x which ever you feel comfortable with best. I will buy the domain / license / hosting. But you MUST always be active, and helpful. Also email me a list of work you have done in the past, some pictures if you can. - For the contributing members, i will split the other half of the forums income between you guys.
    How do you wish to be contacted? chopsuey[at]vbdiscussions.com - Please do not contact me if you don't have experience.
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    I'm going to send you an e-mail later ChopSuey.

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