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    Today, we have rolled out an early version of the Resource Manager on to This system is designed to make it easier to find, download, and keep up-to-date with any sort of downloadable file, but in our case, we're dealing specifically with add-ons, styles, language translations, graphics, and other resources.

    Please note that this is an early version of the Resource Manager. We will be adding features and fixing bugs with it over time. Most notably, it does not support any sort of payment system, so paid resources cannot be released through it (see below). It will eventually be released as an official XenForo add-on. Pricing and release date will be announced at a future date.

    All (free) resources should be released through the Resource Manager. In future, we hope to support commercial resources, but for now, they can be highlighted in the Commercial Resources and Add-ons forum.

    The resource and add-on forums have been completely reorganized. The old resource and add-on forums have been archived. No new threads will be allowed in them, but replies will be allowed in the interim. We would ask all authors to re-post their resources in the resource manager. (Note that only the original author or a user with permission may do this!) Additional forums have been created or restructured so their purposes are clearer. As such, some valid threads may be moved to archive forums. If these threads are not resource releases, please report them and we can move them to the correct forum. Thanks!

    Several forums have been added to the Official XenForo Add-ons category relating to the resource manager.

    Browse the resources now!
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    I'm looking forward to the future development of the Resource Manager to see if they include a feature for members to sell resources to other members of a community ( like they noted from the announcement )
    That might be great and it should help out a lot of third-party developers with commercial add-ons, styles, etc at

    With the bulk moving of add-ons from the forums to the Resource Manager ( manually done by third-party developers ) , it might take a while for everyone to locate an addon which they've used in the past.
    Once the addon is released to everyone who's willing to pay for it, I plan to make a lot of rearrangements, :love:
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    They certainly need to shape-up with the paid add-ons :) XenForo would benefit from a development ecosystem.
    The fact is that the developers can't do everything themselves, and empowering other developers to add the missing features would go a long way. It could convert XenForo into a platform, and since that is going to be required by any application built in top of that it's good business.

    Let's hope they live to their promise of supporting commercial add-ons.
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