Reduce the risk of PayPal by 99% - Suggested Donation: 1 BTC

Discussion in 'Marketplace and Exchanges' started by Saif, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Hello there. I'm a PayPal Fraud Prevention Specialist and I'll teach you all my tricks on how to stop getting scammed by accepting PayPal. I don't guarantee 100% but we will try for 99%! I don't charge for my services because I'd rather stop the scam then for you not to pay my fees and get scammed. But if you feel I did a good job, feel free to donate!

    Suggested Donation: 1 BTC


    Read my PayPal Virtual FAQ!

    Most of the answers are already there, but most people have the attention span of a typical BTC trader so feel free to ask questions here.
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    I agree. Paypal is a very risky site. If you read some of the posts on you can realize how horrible paypal can be. Unfortunately, this can not be avoided. Millions of people around the globe depend on paypal, and most only accept it as a payment option. Paypal processes so many payments automatically they do not care if a couple people lose thousands of dollars for virtually no reason. That's why I always keep my paypal balance under $30 USD to prevent major losses if anything occurs.

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