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    Site Name: PS4Forum - PlayStation 4 Forum
    URL: (or is a PlayStation 4 Forum. The PlayStation 4 Forums launched almost 3 to 4 months before the launch of the PlayStation 4 (At least that's what the vBulletin database is telling me. Domain shows it was "created" in 2005.) The owner purchased the site on September 6th, and imported the database completely on September 9th - which ironically, is the date that PlayStation launched in the U.S. in 1995.

    The owner has been eying the site since I bought PS4. He discovered it in 2014, but been eying it since day one.

    PS4Forum launched in August 2013, about 3-4 months before the launch of PlayStation 4. Went on to become the #1 PlayStation 4 Forum in the world. That is, depending on the keyword. "PS4 Forum" ranks #1. "PS4Forum" ranks #1. But the previous owner didn't use "PlayStation 4 Forum" or "PlayStation 4 Forums" in the meta description (for browser), it's in the snippet meta description. However, it's still on the first page, and is competing against the official forums, and a few PlayStation 4 sites.

    I purchased the domain, files, and database on September 6th, and completed the migration on September 9th (oddly enough, the original PlayStation released in U.S. on this day!)

    Nonetheless, I am working on a new project and will be trailing the leaks, rumors, and other speculative talk about the Next Generation PlayStation console.


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