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    ello there folks,

    We are looking for Product Reviews at The Product Forum, below are the specific product types we would like reviewed.
    • Laptops - Not Macbook Air
    • Tablets - Not Blackberry Playbook/iPad 2
    • Cameras
    • Smartphones - Not HTC Desire HD or iPhone.
    • Applications - Any Android or iPhone Application review, paid or free app'.
    • Software for PC or Mac.
    • Audio Visual - Blu Ray hardware, surround sound systems, music systems, etc.

    Each Review must consist of the following.

    • 500 words
    • Positive and Negative aspects of the product.
    • Specifications and facts.
    • Your own personal opinion, not just specs and facts.
    • Price of the product in your own currency.

    Payment will be made at a rate of 60c per 100 words, and must be posted by you on our forum, The Product Forum. You must PM me on this forum with the products you would like to review and when you plan to post it.

    No more than 3 products can be reviewed by one member please, meaning you can earn $9 for 3 reviews.

    Please do not go ahead and post until you have received a reply from me here.
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