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    Guys I have few questions related to SEO & site administration :

    1. I run a forum, it was started in last week of march / april -2011 beginning, so it's totally four full months. Following are the stats :

    Though no. of registered members is good, but no. of active members is poor. Just some 15 people who reply. And among 15, most of them never start a thread by themselves. Hardly one or two start. Me & my two friends, we all three start threads. I also one or two members who start threads very rarely. But i try always to start new threads & encourage others to reply. & most importantly I ask my friends to reply so that others also motivated to reply. [truth to be told, many are coming just for free books and ain't coming back later though I encourage them to post. I need to know what I am missing / where I am doing mistake]

    No, I am not expecting some magical fairy to land on my forum & post threads.

    here is Google Analytics report 11 / July / 2011 to 11 / Aug / 2011 :


    Now, please answer my doubts :
    1. So is the traffic on my site is good ??
    2. I think no. of active members is less. What do you guys say ?

    Please answer my above questions honestly. I read that, a forum to become fully active would take 2-3 years, I presume it to be true. But I just wanted to know, how are the current stat is up to. I am totally ready to take -ve criticism. I don't mind at all, I want to learn from my mistakes :)

    now, how shall I attract users ? Does putting ads in facebook or google helps ? FYI, my forum is related to books, novels & writing etc.

    2. Does enabling guests to reply help in anyway ?

    I want you keep in mind that mine is an Indian forum.

    3. How exactly I make use of SEO ? I really have no idea.

    the aboutus result shows that there are problems - AboutUs Wiki Page

    and also seoupgrader shows 57% - SEO Tool result for site - SeoUpgrader

    -meta description
    -h1 headings
    -site map xml etc

    I really have no idea how to fix these things.

    I have asked same question in other forums as well, I got suggestions such as improving content & sig - advertisement in other similar forums. I want to know if there are other suggestions any :)

    My forum link - [link can be removed if considered as spamming]

    Thank you advance :D

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