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    Forum Name: InvestComics™ Forum
    Position(s) available: Moderator Position
    Position details: Must be well versed in Comic lore.
    Perks, payments & rewards: None at this current time. However, if you stick around long enough. Jay may be willing to give you a column.
    Requirements & experience: I require you to be active on a daily basis. And if you happen to see something on the main website I have yet to place up on the forum. I do ask that you post it up. Also, if you do not like the fact that there is swearing and some somewhat mild adult content. Do not apply. As I mentioned in the Position Details. I ask that you be well knowledgeable in Comics. And keep certain threads up to date. Such as our Weekly Shipping Thread. I also ask that you help promote us in any form. And that you yourself try in some way to recruit new members when doing promoting.
    How to apply: Either here, through pm. Or at the IC Forum.
    Closing date: Will remain open until a Moderator has been found.
    Any further details: I do ask that you know phpBB's moderating controls. Any other details will be further discussed in PM.

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