Meet v-Gor's Cousin! Gorilla in the Nova Scotia Mist...

Discussion in 'Community Forum Software' started by Joe Ward, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Two of Viral Age's founding team members hail from Nova Scotia. In fact, Liam still lives in Halifax. =)

    I'm not quite sure what it is with Nova Scotia techies and gorillas... We thought we corned the marketing on that one when we introduced v-Gor - the Viral Gorilla!

    However... v-Gor just informed us that he saw his 2nd cousin (Dad's side of the family) in the Nova Scotia Business recruitment video for gaming, design, and interactive media companies. You can see the video below.

    Jump to the 3:25 mark if you want to see v-Gor's cousin hard at work down by the pier.

    By the way, Nova Scotia *is* a beautiful place to live, study, and work! =)

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