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Discussion in 'Managing Your Online Community' started by youradhere4222, Jan 30, 2010.

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    I opened a political forum a couple of days ago and it has five members, 70 posts and about 30 threads. Obviously I don't expect it to be bustling with activity this soon after opening, but I'm beginning to consider the long term planning for how to increase membership and posting activity.

    I and two other friends from another forum are posting semi-actively, but we're the only ones doing it. My plan was to buy advertising space on another forum, but I'm not sure what genre I would look for or even where to begin. I also thought about buying vBSEO, but I'm still not convinced on its effectiveness.
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    Basically, you need to populate the forum with plenty of content - even if it's just you and your few friends posting. You say you're posting semi-actively; you should be posting very-actively.

    As you populate each section/forum/sub-forum with multiple threads, each of which has a handful of posts, then invite some more people.

    Where do you find people to invite: Other politics forums that don't censor/prohibit linking to competing sites; forums that aren't directly related to politics, but have members that discuss politics a lot on that forum (50calray, a member here, runs Welcome To Semiauto Rifles. It's a gun forum, but there is a lot of political discussion. He may be willing to do some post exchanges, or link exchanges with you. This is just one example).

    Just about any forum you go to has its fair share of members who are interested in politics. Heck, things have become heated here on AA in the past, over political discussions.

    Check out some of the articles in the promotion/advertising category: Promotion and Advertising

    Tweet about recent political news, link back to your forum; engage in social bookmarking; get your forum out there. But not until your forum is active.

    If you expose your forum before it's ready, then you've just lost a huge amount of potential for success, because usually, once somebody sees your forum in an inactive/new/dormant state, they aren't likely to come back. So you want their first impression to be that of an active forum that intrigues them instantly.

    Regarding vBSEO, I think if you're serious about this project, it is well worth the investment. vBSEO has given AA a great edge in regards to SEO, I think. We were having people find us through Google and registering in just a few months after launching. Usually it takes longer than that to get up in the ranks of Google.

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    You didn't list the site, so we can't visit.

    Rule #1 (in my book), if you don't promote it, no one will.
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    Promote everywhere you can.

    Visit blogs, other forums Last week I was amazed when I replied to a editorial in the New York Times and put a link to my site (thought they would moderate it out) and got a fair amount of traffic and my adsense was pretty high for that day too.

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