Hiring Global Mods for a forum about a 3DS Game!

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    Forum Name: Mario Kart 3DS Forum
    Positions Available: Global Moderators
    Link to forum: http://www.mk3dsforum.com
    Other Information:

    We are looking for eager, Mario Kart players and forum posters alike who are willing to be active on the forums and who will also promote the forums in other places. We would love to see staff members who can write a new chapter to this forum's history. To apply for a position, please send myself a Private Message (please do not reply here with your application) with the following application form. That said, feel free to reply to this thread if you have any questions.

    - If you are not comfortable with putting in your full name, that is fine. A name and a last initial (like my own, Alexander P.) is fine.
    - No moderator experience is necessarily required, just as long as you know what needs to be done, keeping order and all that. In addition, previous moderator experience does not assist one in getting a job at this forum. However, if you have had previous experience, please cite them in your application.
    - The first three questions do not have any weighing into the outcome of who gets picked. The third question is asked because I will be making Mario Kart 3DS Forum userbars for all staff members, eventually.
    - You should be fairly proficient in English, though it does not have to be your first language.
    - Age isn't really an issue. I would like to have both young and old people in this forum. Maturity is, however. Having half-decent grammar when posting would look good on a staff member.
    - I pledge that all applications will be treated equally. Besides, it doesn't hurt to apply.

    el canadiano.
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