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    Greetings ladies,

    Andy Smith, the Head Hard Hat here.

    Are you tired of having your husband sitting around the house doing nothing while you are out and about having fun at your Red Hat event? Frustrated with your hubby stuck behind an illuminary device like a big screen TV or computer monitor? Do want to know a way of giving your significant other a safe, loving but firm THWACK to the back of da head and get his butt moving??? We have the answer.

    The Hard Hat Brotherhood - www.hardhatbrotherhood.com

    The HHBrotherhood is an organization for men to go out in fun and fellowship with other men. In fact SouthernLady's husband, myself and a few other guys started the first Crew. Our membership is now international and growing like weeds in the US. Why not have your husband join up with the fun?

    If you say to yourself things like:
    "He is not the type of person to join something like that"
    "I can't get him to take me dancing let alone go to an event"
    "He's to busy watching ESPN to get involved"
    "I have a husband?"

    Then do them the favor and sign them up for them. Tell them they are now a part of the membership, get off their hiney and go have an event. They will be hesitant at first but I can ensure you once they attend an event they will not be able to wait to go to the next event.

    So go check out our website, see that Sue Ellen Cooper not only knows about us but also stears guys our way when they ask "Is there a club like this for men?". We are mentioned in her latest book (page 139) Laugh Lines and you can see a photo of her and myself when we met earlier this year.

    Need any more credentials? Check out our newsletter which talks about my TV interview on Michigan Magazine or how I write for them in their publication. This is a growing men's organization on the move and Red Hatters are our core. In fact, when a wife and husband are both in the RHS and the HHBrotherhood we refer to them as "Hatter Couples". We have tshirts in our store just for that..

    Check out this and a whole lot more on our website. www.hardhatbrotherhood.com or email me directly if you have questions at [email protected]. Or you can post right here in this forum..

    What do you think?

    Andy, the Head Hard Hat :cool2:
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    well that's some hello...

    is a "welcome" in order, or a thank you?

    looks interesting though... checking it out.
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    Hey Ken,

    I am sure you will like what you find on our website and if you have any questions, comments, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact me..

    In a word - Hello :bye:

    Andy, the HHH
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    Apr 30, 2005
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    Hi Andy and welcome...you caught me while fighting with my photo gallery.

    And now that you've told them about the HHB, tell them about you!

    Oh, and everyone, I know Andy personally...in fact, my dh is member #3 of the HHB. And if you look at some of those photos, you will see ME in there. Liz
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    well, glad to have you aboard!

    great site, and looks like fun!
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    Apr 30, 2005
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    Welcome Andy! Carol
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    Red Hat Society Ladies - THWACK YOUR HUBBIE!

    Red Hat Ladies, Give Your Husband A Good THWACK!
    This promotion is genuine and intended to get Red Hat husbands signed up into the Hard Hat Brotherhood so they can also enjoy friendships and camaraderie like the ladies of the RH Society. Check out our special web page just for this promotion!


    The Hard Hat Brotherhood THWACKER is the answer for anyone who has been frustrated with their significant other!:41:

    Have you ever been in a conversation with your spouse and felt like you were talking to a brick wall? Ever get frustrated when you had to ask your loved one for the third or fourth time to do something? Ever wanted to get your special someone off the couch and doing something constructive but felt it would take a 2X4 to accomplish it? Well now you can have a fun and effective way of getting your message across without all those pesky emergency room visits.

    Introducing the Hard Hat Brotherhood foam THWACKER. Ladies, this is the real thing...well, almost. My wife invented the original, which was an actual wooden 2X4 I might add, and thus the reason we wear hard hats or one of the reasons anyway. Now is your chance to own your very own, personal "Husband Motivational Device". Guaranteed to bring quick results and a few laughs. And it is legal in all 50 states and Puerto Rico!

    Again this is all in good fun and a cool way to get a free 2x4 for yourself!

    Andy, the Head Hard Hat
    [email protected]


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