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    Due to complaints by free forum hosts like Proboards and freeforums, it seems there are very few easy to find places where you get the converters that download all data from a freely hosted forum and transfer it to into your hosted forum's database. But hopefully this won't be a problem now, since I've now gone and tracked down all the needed scripts to move your site from a terrible free host like Invisionfree or Proboards to a properly hosted solution without paying a penny. Here are the converters and where to find them:

    General Converter Pack (with proboards converter)

    In there are converters for ActiveBoards, Chat Area,, Forumer, Forumotion, InvisionFree, IPBFree, Proboards, Sudden Launch, Yuku and Zetaboards. I haven't tested them myself at this point in time, but these are the ones I found when browsing around on a certain forum promotion site and the ones nneonneo removed upon request for some reason.

    Updated Free forum host to SMF converters:

    Forumotion to phpBB converter:

    Other free forum host to phpBB converters:

    Thank nneonneo for the scripts, I just reuploaded and linked the 'removed' ones. Hopefully Brandon is less scared of Proboards than phpBB's team were.

    What do these converters do? Well basically, some free forum hosts don't give you the database so you can migrate your forum to paid hosting. It's unknown why, probably because they seem scared people would leave them to avoid paying their ridiculous ad removal rates and other stuff. These scripts crawl the entire forum and download all data to your database, meaning you can import this data to your new forum.

    Now obviously they won't save passwords, so you'll have to tell your old members to reset their login info, but other than that it's better than nothing.

    If you want to convert your proboards or whatever forum to IPB/vBulletin/XenForo, you'd convert it to phpBB or SMF first then convert it over with the script IPS, vB Solutions or XenForo provide afterwards.

    Hopefully me posting them here will let a few more people get their site data from Proboards or Invisionfree or the like without either paying an extortionate amount of money or copy and pasting the information by hand.
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