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    SEO is not difficult, in fact a lot of it is common sense if you realise what search engines are trying to do, and how they achieve it.

    Search engines especially Google are forever trying to build a map of the internet, they want to know whats going on, and where it's happening, they do this via links, indexing websites and pages as they roam that contain information, SEO is basically helping them do that more efficiently, and you as an admin can help them do it, think of SEO as giving a traveler directions on how to get somewhere.


    Links are what search engines use as directions, they can be nav links, anchor links and raw links, the point is you need lots of them.
    You need to link everything to everything that you possibly can, so if you have static pages, then content on those pages should have links to internal and external pages, this helps build the map.
    A lot of forum software has a MOD that will do this for you, literally as you type, you set it up so that every time a keyword is typed, it sets up some anchor text for you, look for a MOD called "Autolinker" or "Keyword Linker", phpBB's word censor can be used as an autolinker.

    Don't hotlink or copy links for images, especially if they are watermarked, a lot of pro sites like Getty Images electronically stamp their images so that even if you push it through Photoshop, it will still be seen by Bots as a Getty Image.
    It's far better to use your own, or get the permission of the site to use it.
    In either case, you should still host it yourself, on your server, not on photobucket or some other hosting site. If you mast use images from other sites, then do it to help yourself, copy it, open it in an image editing program like Photoshop or Gimp, save it under a name you understand, and then upload it to your site via ftp, you can then refer to it as often as you like.

    TAGS & Attributes
    Use tags, by this I mean the <meta> tag, and the other html tags, it's especially important when posting an image to use the "alt" attribute, search bots cannot "see" an image, it relies on a description to know what it is a picture of, if your images are not being indexed, this could be the reason why.

    When you read that Google is looking for good reliable content, this does not mean you can get busy with your mouse and copy/paste to your hearts content, Google especially will smell a rat, and it will only index the earliest version of a piece of text or image. Another no no is article spinners, they are next to useless, and Google can detect their use.
    The best content comes from your own research, learn to copy write; research, take notes, embellish, read, edit, post; that is the order you should work in. Also write from personal experience, then you can legally add the &copy for html or Copyright symbol to your work, because it is yours and yours alone.

    A picture they say is worth a thousand words ( if it has the "alt" attribute), and this is never more true on the internet, no-one likes looking at a screen full of text... it's boring, very boring, break it up with images and pictures, it makes it far more interesting to look at.

    This comes back to links, but so often good navigation is forgotten, make sure you can reach all the sections of your site or forum from every page, there is nothing more off putting than not being able to find your way home.

    Keep it simple
    You may think that a lot of flashing images on your landing page looks great, so you put even more on there, the truth is, to most people that kind of stuff is about as welcome as a fart in a lift.
    Your landing page should be simple, easy to read, and not cluttered, you have 1 second to make an impact, make sure it's not to click away.

    It's better to add one reliable piece of information, that is well researched, accurate and reliable once a week, than it is to fill your site with short, poorly written articles every day. You need to aim for over 500 words, add anchor links, ask those pages you are linking to if they want a snippet of the article in return for an anchor link to your site, ( most will refuse at first). Doing this will help build your reputation, as well as your backlink catalogue.

    Walk don't run
    These days getting and maintaining a place high in organic searches is a marathon, not a sprint.
    If you are not prepared to put in a lot of work for at least 12 months, then there is no point in starting out, you will fail, and join the millions of lapsed sites that litter the net, and turn out 404 errors.

    Don't launch too early
    Don't be too keen to let bots know what you are up to, lots will ignore robots.txt, but few will ignore .htaccess, so stop them seeing your site until you are ready, this will prevent any of those poorly written articles getting around until you have had time to check them out.

    Be thorough, be smart.
    Where there's a will, there's a way, is an old saying.
    You don't have to have a degree in English or your chosen language to have reliable well written content.
    Most browsers now come with a check as you type spell checker, if yours doesn't have one, change to one that does, like Firefox.
    Always read through what you have written, make sure it makes sense, if it doesn't to you, it wont to anyone else !
    If you are writing in English, remember; it is a really confusing language, learn the proper use of words like:
    bear, bare
    there, their
    where, were, wear
    A spell checker is no help if you are using those words in the wrong context.

    Also that annoying apostrophe, if you are not sure whether it's used or not then don't use it!

    do not = don't not dont
    were not = weren't not wernt
    have not = haven't not havn't or havnt

    In general the ' replaces a missing letter, we English are generally lazy.
    Oh and American spellings, use them or don't, please do not mix, it looks awful to have words spelled the American way, and in the same paragraph some spelled the English way.

    Also remember that no-one really writes or talks in perfect English, when was the last time you said "To whom does this belong" instead of "Who does this belong to", both are right these days, but the first is the "more" right way.
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    Jonney Corner
    Brilliant write-up, we will take this onboard.

    Thanks :)
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    Very useful reminder. I especially like the linguistic part.
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    Nice Share, Jack.
    Rather than these 10 tips, you can do the following below things to improve SEO ranking factors, which are:-
    Social Bookmarking
    Guest Blogging
    Blog Commenting
    Forum Posting
    Question Answering
    Images Submission
    Article Submission
    Classified Ads
    PodCast Submission, and many more.
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    #2 TAGS & Attributes is an area where many people trip up with their SEO. When doing work for other people's websites this is usually almost always one area where things need work.

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