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    Jul 16, 2018
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    Originally a TitanFall community, is a Video Game Community. It is a community that merges about 13 communities. The largest community was a PSVita Forum with 9 thousand members, and 300 thousand posts. Combined together, it is now a community with 50,232 Threads, 531,438 Posts, and 13,662 Members. And I don't plan to stop there.

    Around the date of September 7, 2017 - I merged two forums into DestroyRepeat - BF1Forum, and a site called (I don't know what the owner plans to do with this, but I could care less. I acquired the site's database & files.)

    On Jan 20, 2018 - The team at PixelExit redesigned the site.

    On May 2, 2018 - I merged Battlefront-Forum into DestroyRepeat.

    Today, there are...

    52,689 Threads
    546,134 Posts
    14,852 Members

    That makes DestroyRepeat a big-board! :)

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