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    Hey Guys,

    Caleb "bozonessinc" Spilchen here from Make Money Online with the Canadian Webmaster (Make Money Online with the Canadian Webmaster) just checking in on general-forums.com and I thought I would give a mention to the contest I'm running over there.

    I decided that I needed to give back to those who help me with my blog, so I teamed up with Mark over at Woothemes and Brent at HostGator to make a contest, and have big prizes. Thanks to those two I've got some prizes to give out.

    So anyways... All the "dets" can be found out right here: Canadian Webmaster – Lead up to Summer Contest on my blog.

    I hope you get the time to check it out and maybe sign up. Just a word of caution though, the contest doesn't open until May 1st so your gonna have to hold back until then.. Ok?

    Anyways, see you all later.

    Caleb Bozonessinc Spilchen
    Make Money Online with the Canadian Webmaster
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    nice, good luck with the contest
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    Thanks Brandon,

    Hope to see you enter.. Oh and anyone with feedback on the contest article, tell me. I'm not sure... if I wrote it EXTREME like the contest is :)


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