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    Code It was founded in November 2010 by McStormify - a graphic designer and coder. My aim was to help anybody with coding or graphics who needed help. Here at Code It, we provide great services. Promotion and graphics. We have it all. The only thing we ask in return is virtual forum cash which is pretty easy to obtain. All you have to do is post!

    Services we offer:

    Banners: 100 Tokens
    Ranks: 15 Tokens per rank
    Userbar(s): 25 Tokens per bar
    Avatar: 30 Tokens
    Signature: 50 Tokens
    Favicons: 10 Tokens
    Button(s): 20 Tokens per button
    Affiliate Image: 30 Tokens
    Forum Icon(s): 10 Tokens per icon

    Forum Presentation
    120 Tokens for unlimited bumping

    Links Directory
    100 Tokens for your link to be added and kept there forever

    Forum Re-Direct
    250 Tokens for MAXIMUM exposure

    Table Ads
    100 Tokens for 1 week

    So why not drop by and try some of these awesome features out? I can guarantee you won't be wasting your time!​
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