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    Buy Premium Membership:
    Becoming a Premium Member can be very beneficial to both you and your website, as we offer some great features to our Premium Members. At the same time it helps AdminBB as the revenue generated through Premium Membership is used towards site related funding, such as Hosting, and Domains as well as extras. If you would like to help us you can purchase Premium Membership.

    Going Premium grants you the following:
    • Placement in the Premium Members group.
    • Bold Lightblue username.
    • Premium member ribbon.
    • Use your own custom user title.
    • Unlimited avatar file-size upload.
    • Bypass flood checks.
    • Free 1 week Sponsor Link Ad for your website below the Top Breadcrumb Area on every page. Normally sold for $14.50 on it's own. *Great for your website*
    Price: $17.00 per 6 months.

    If you are interested and would like to buy Premium Membership, please Start a Personal Conversation and/or email Brandon at [email protected] further information.
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