Another Advertising site needs staff (Start up)

Discussion in 'Marketplace and Exchanges' started by Black Mist, Jun 25, 2011.

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    May 6, 2011
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    Forum Name: (Private)
    Positions Available: a Whole staff team
    Administrators (I need People to help me lead the site)
    Global moderators (To help moderate the site)
    Lieutenants (To help fix small problems with site (will be better explained at the site)
    Packagers (To help with the package request)
    Reviewers (To Help with the review request)
    Technicians (To help with the Bugs with the forum, Via cPanel & Help with forum Service)
    Forum Supporters (To help support forum types, such as phpBB or MyBB)
    GFX Designers (To help out with the GFX of the site & The Request)

    Link to forum: (Private)
    The forum just started, if anyone is interested, Please post right away
    I will PM link.

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