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    As a webmaster community we provide fresh content on a daily basis. We aim to be the best admin and webmaster community around. Discuss various aspects, promote your project, and learn to be better by fellow webmasters. Browse through our Articles for helpful tips and tricks.

    Latest Announcements: | Admin & Webmaster Community: December is Community Month.

    Hello everyone,

    I want to use the month December to get to know our members a little better. Therefore I have moved the introduction forum to the top. As well as add aAsk Me Anything forum. Here you can make a thread and allow other members to ask you questions about yourself about preferences, or anything else that comes to mind. I have also added a Forum Games subforum, where you can participate in some fun games like count games, abc games, etc. Content will be added as we speak and there is no post count or credit's increasing while you post there.

    I will also be hosting some interviews which you will be able to read about in our Articles. If you wish to nominate some people you'd like to read an interview about, feel free to do in this thread. upload_2022-12-6_20-30-56.gif

    Furthermore we have added an Article Management System where we will be releasing some articles around forums and interviews in the near future. We have also installed a Classifieds system where we hope to build up a nice list of items for sale such as forums, domains, websites, etc.

    2023 Plans for Admin Junkies
    My plan with Admin Junkies is to bring more activity and quality content to the forum. Hopefully we'll have a nice list of articles, resources and other webmasters among us. I hope to have a steady active user and content income. It's possible I'll purchase a custom theme next year and buy advertising on various alike websites and forums to drive traffic to our forum which will hopefully convert to active webmasters.

    Forum Badges
    I have installed a new add-on thanks to Ozzy47 (XenForo) that allows us to make badges and reward our users or given to our users for accomplishments and other things we come up with. I'm currently adding more badges as we speak, so bear with me, there is not much so far. Use this thread to suggest any badges you'd like to see and I'll add them if I see them fit. upload_2022-12-6_20-30-56.gif

    Badges can be found in your profile page and will also be listed in the thread view under your user title to icons. If you think you have the right to claim a badge, let me know. Some need to be manually added and sometimes I might forget. Here you can see the member list per badge obtained.

    XF Verified User Badge also available. Go to your settings and add your License Token to receive the XF Verified badge.

    We've began to post some interesting articles any webmaster should read:
    How to Advertise Your Website or Forum
    Coding Etiquette
    How to create a good community (Review)

    Free Package Week!
    5th Dec - 12th Dec

    As part of the December Community Month, I'm giving away a one time free Alpha Package which consists of 25 posts for your forum.
    I just have a little requirement:
    1. Have your forum listed in our Link Directory.
    2. Post a topic in the Ask Me Anything forum.
    Premium Members & Staff Members may request a Beta Package or Zeta Package instead of the Alpha Package.
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    Hello everyone, I wanted to re-introduce as a friendly community for forum admins!

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