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    30 Day Challenges is centered around the challenges that people set themselves daily. All the time, everywhere you look people, objects or companies are challenging you to do something. Whether it is your boss at work asking you to get your sales numbers up (a challenge!), or your partner at home asking you to quit smoking (a challenge!), every day you're being challenged.

    30 Day Challenges aims to help you to make those challenges fun. To easily track and get social support from other users who possibly are doing the same thing. If you're trying to quit smoking with a friend (for example), it is a lot easier than quitting by yourself.

    If your challenge is sensitive, personal, or you just don't want people to see it, we've got you covered with private challenges. Not even our staff can see these challenges, they're just there for you, only viewable by you.

    I coded 30 Day Challenges in 30 days, if I can do that, you can complete your own challenge :) Don't worry about your challenge overrunning, failure isn't a word we use at 30 Day Challenges. No matter if it takes you 30 days or 30 weeks, if you've acheived something by the end of it, we're proud of you :)

    So what are you waiting for? Start your challenge, Get support from others, support others, easily share, engage, socialise and keep track of your challenges all in one place.

    30 Day Challenges, Go On, Challenge Yourself!
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    Thats a nice site you have there Mikey :)
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